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Arcteryx has new Boots and AirBags (and Patents)

Thanks to Wildsnow for showing us all of details of the new Arcteryx. Truth be told we received some a picture about 3 weeks ago but didn’t know the innovation (and were sworn to secrecy). The cats out of the bag!

Procline Cuff brings some useful innovation to the backcountry. The idea is that in walkl mode you can laterally flex your ankle. Imagine you’re skinning on an angled ice crust, now you can more easily flex your ankle and let your ski sit flat giving you traction.

As splitboarders that’s useful but I wonder if there’s going to be a way to modify it to provide the lateral flex while buckled up?

Hmm, they invited Wildsnow and Outside mag to the party, I guess our invite got lost in the mail

Oh, they also realized their Airbag “Voltair”. The rumours had been circling, as were their patents, but we figured they shelved it. Solid work over there Arcteryx!