We are located in East Vancouver, not too far from MEC.

We are small so, we don’t have set hours. We work by appointment to fit your schedule. We are there when you need us!  Send us an email and we will respond quickly.


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  1. Dodge

    I just found your ad on craigslist and wanted to say Hi!
    I’ve been riding for a while and just invested in a split setup and would be stoked to meet some folks to explore and shred with, especially if they’re patient while I get my uphill skills sharpened!

    Anyway, if you’ve got a mailing list or something please add me to it and let me know if you have a store and I’ll pop by and say hello…

    • admin

      Hi Dodge,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We are always exited hear about people making the leap into splitboarding. And definitely interested in helping you out. We find Facebook and easier medium than mailing lists so check out our page and we can continue the conversation over there. I’m interested to hear what setup you decided on and how it’s working for you.


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