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1 Pound on your feet = 6.84 Pounds on your Back!

We finally came across the official research for that famous saying, something along the lines of “A pound on your feet is like Ten pounds on your back”. Only it’s really 6.84 pounds on your back!

“Keep in mind that for every 1 lb on your foot, it’s like carrying an extra 6.4 lb of weight on your back.”

[Authors: S. J. Legg a; A. Mahanty – This study was conducted in part fulfilment of an MSc in Human and Applied Physiology, London University 1982. Published in: Ergonomics, Volume 29, Issue 3 March 1986 , pages 433 – 438]

All the more reason to invest in some lighter gear this year! We’re excited to get try out a pair of the new Spark R+D Tesla system bindings like the Afterburner!

New Tesla System with built in risers New Tesla System with built in risers