Hardboot splitboard set up pt 1 : a strange step forward – Dynafit TLT6 notes

Over the past year I’ve been trying to dial in a pair of Dyanfit TLT5’s . Perhaps this will have to be the first in a series because getting the boots to fit and flex properly was the first. I had to review all the help I’ve received as I’m still getting the fit correct. Hard boot proponent Steve Brezovec had some notes stashed so I thought I’d just repost them here:

Update TLT6 boot mod file w/ photos of my mods Make TLT6 Boot Mods w/ Dremel


Here are the mods for my TLT6s. First off is the forward lean plate mod, everyone should do this as it allows the boot to flex forward while keeping the forward lean and nice firm highjack support. On the TLT6 the forward lean plate is removable, which makes the mod easy to do. This picture shows the aluminum forward lean plate inside the boot.
tlt6.01 by barrowsworm, on Flickr
And here is the plate removed, showing one plate before the mod, and one plate after the mod. the hole is filed upwards with a square file.


tlt6.02 by barrowsworm, on Flickr
I also like to cut down the cuff of the boot, just a little, on the medial side, and just a tiny bit on the lateral side. Cutting down the cuff is a personal preference, I just do enough to soften the medial flex of the boot very slightly, start slowly, removing a little material at first and testing. And make sure to make all cuts smooth and clean. Here is the medial side, note the tab I left at the from of the cuff as this gives an indication of how much I cut it down.


tlt6.03 by barrowsworm, on Flickr
And here is the lateral side of the cuff, I really did not remove much material here, just about 3-4 mm or so, even a little bit makes a difference though.


tlt6.04 by barrowsworm, on Flickr
I also remove the power strap, and I do not use either of the additional tongues.
Note that in the US, the TLT6 is only available with the “CR” liner. The CR liner is stiffer and heavier than the other liner option Dynafit has, known as the “CL” liner. Dynafit TLT6s with the CL liner are available in Europe, but not in the US (and probably not in Canada either?). Because I want the boot to be lighter and softer, I ordered some “CL” liners from Europe for my TLT6s. Here are the weights for a single liner, size 28:
Dynafit CR liner: 276 grams
Dynafit CL liner: 174 grams
So the CL liner saves over 100 grams per foot! Anyone who wants some brand new CR liners (28) they are for sale, new and un-molded.
I made the cuts using a dremel with a cutting tool. Then smoothed things out with sandpaper.
I use a dremel with the cutting tool: it looks kind of like a drill bit, but it is not. Then I follow up with a sanding barrel on the dremel, and then smooth things out by hand sanding.
One needs to make sure all cuts are smooth, and that any edges have smooth radii. Sharp cut edges are potential spots where the plastic might start tearing.
One thing I’ll add though is that the alluminium piece can be installed either way up. The way Barrows shows it is in the most forward lean option. By flipping it over (and doing the mod) you can have less forward lean. I personally start with it as Barrows has it (most forward lean option), I do the mod which allows for the forward flex, then I start widdling it¬†down¬†also to dial in the exact amount of forward lean (highback). I prefer riding my front foot with less forward lean than the back. Again, this is a preference thing but I used to rock it like that on softboots…many moons ago.
Excellent point Joey, that was exactly my thinking as well. The lesser lean position was not enough for me, so I started with the more lean position, knowing I could easily reduce it. As it turns out, for me, with the (thin behind the calf muscle) CL liner, the max lean position seems about right, with a thicker liner, like Intuition, I would probably file down to reduce the lean slightly. Oh yeah, I ride with a little bit of heel lift on my rear foot (in the Phantom bindings) so this results in a little more forward lean on my rear foot as well.
Note that these small differences are personal, and everyone should experiment to find what works best for their own riding style, do not be afraid to try different things, and if you find some other mods you like on the TLT6, please add to this thread.
breadbox: I have been using the CLs for most of this season. They save about 3 ounces per boot, and they are also noticeably more flexible than the CR. I have not ridden the CR, just tried them on at home (carpet testing). I would say that the CLs are great, but I also suspect they will not last as long as the beefier CRs. Also, IMO, the CLs could use a little more support in the highback area, and I will probably add a little high density boot fitting foam back there to create a little more support: in harder spring snow I have been noticing the edge of the boot shell pressing a little uncomfortably on my calves on heel side traverses.
I would say if you want to save weight, and you are willing to deal with a liner which may not last as long, then got with the CRs. For best “value” the CRs might be the better choice. The extra flex of the CL is pretty nice though…
I suspect the Dynafit branded CL liner is the same as the stock Palau lightweight liner available direct from Palau. I am not sure, but they sure look the same. If so, the Palau self branded version is much cheaper, and available for direct order from Palau in France.
One other thing, I like to use laces with my liners, and find the Salomon quick lace to work really well for this.